Friday, November 2, 2012

Ireland 2012

So hey readers,4 months blogging hiatus and I am back on track today. Time change,things change,not going to deny that. Blog all the way from Ireland with lovely weather outside my window pane,not too cold,just 6 degree and wind chill at 2 degree,yet I am wearing 4 layers. Summer all year round in Malaysia and now being a Malaysian who just first time experiencing the wonders of autumn and winter weather is totally amazing.Brand new story to be told. I got knocked down by the sudden drop of temperature when I reached Dublin Airport. The air getting colder when I was sitting alone waiting for my flight at Dubai Airport to Dublin. But try to convince myself this coldness likely to get worse when I reach Dublin. At the same time,I couldn't get my eyes off of Etihad Airways' boarding gate which I will on board later on. Well,you have to understand that this is my very first transit flight to somewhere 5000 miles away from home and travel solo ain't easy things. Even entering the toilet I have to carry along 7kg hand luggage and heavy handbag.

My plane touched down at Dublin safe and sound in the early morning,took my luggage after passing custom section smoothly,nothing much the custom asked me really,perhaps I have bought my ticket back to Malaysia and I am still a student. I walked out cheerfully from the airport,almost shed tears when  I saw my auntie waving at me at the arrival hall. I mean,I am officially reached Ireland earthlings! Called mummy and told her that it's freezing cold and mist kept coming out from my mouth,can't stop blowing in and out. haha. 

So this is my 15 days in Ireland ,still enjoying fantastic panorama of Europe,meeting warm and lovely people at park,experiencing crazy cold wind from Greenland,first time seeing hailstones fall from the sky,swimming at pool with 31 degree and went into sauna after swimming,generous and sweet aunties and uncles who treat me like a baby during my stay at their home... Yes I know, I will definitely miss everything here and being part of Irish once I am back to Malaysia.

Excitedly looking forward to next week! I am travelling to Europe soon with my boob friend :P Again, I am lucky enough,so happen that he is currently in Scotland and he is going to tour me around europe! Can't wait to say cheese to Eifeel Tower,Edinburgh Castle,London Bridge and The city of Love(Venice)!!! I am truly blessed,thank you so much mummy and daddy for giving me this golden chance to see the true beauty of the world. Even perfect words will never be enough to thank you.

Utill then,pictures tell the story ya...

Boarding with Etihad Airways
 Food served(banyak sangat duh,they even serve white and red wine for free!cool),came along with morocco beef rice,stewardess took it once I finished .
 Happy,just too happy that I reached Ireland safely.
 My auntie's mansion

 Yes,this is what I do here in ireland,hahahaha...

 and...after 2 weeks,i went blonde..
 Dalkey Island

 wish I could stay here forever...

 Upper Lake,Glendalough

 Joe with his 7 dogs...
 Happy kid at the top of Bray Head

 Auntieessss and Joe 
 Forty foot,water temperature 10c to 12c,cold die me.

 Marley Park

 Photoshoot after I went blonde :D 
My auntie dyed my hair,she rocks to the max!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cut it all off.....

I finally have the guts to cut my hair after 8 years of having long hair,I cut it just to.......
I cut my hair yesterday,
my long, flowing locks
so dear to you –
the locks that sprawled
over your chest evenings,
when I rested my head on you…

I cut my hair yesterday
just to forget you.
I saw how the locks got sheared off,
and how they fell.
A broom swept them up
along with other trash,
and cast away…

Today I woke up
without those locks,
with my neck bare,
a strange sight
Without you, without my hair,
I am searching for happiness in life without you. 
By Albana.M.

I am beautiful and I don't need you to say that to me.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

First Scuba Diving Experience

My Perhentian Diving Trip was fantastic. I have never seen such wonderful god's creatures in my entire life. Being a first timer diver diving in the real open sea after taking my PADI diving license,I was kinda excited and in the same time I was skeptical if I am able to do 4 dives in 3 days.

18m is enough for me to say woh its deep,I don't think its possible for me to make it :S Somehow,nothing is impossible and I wish to dive even deeper now to see amazing marine life that I am totally in love with. Back then, I have never tried snorkeling,I wish to try it someday and I am content to snorkel. Never thought of taking diving license!

Tell you the truth,I took diving license just to add my achievement on my resume for industrial training later,I have no idea how diving going to be like,I thought diving is an easy thing,but guess I was wrong. I still remembered I could feel my heart beats extremely fast for my first open water dive,I am doubted if I can make it. I am just scare,and many ridiculous questions pop out in my mind-what if I accidentally drink the water and cannot breath,I am too young to die? What if I lost myself under the sea and couldn't find my way out! HAHA. I hardly equalized my ears and I felt the pain every times I went deeper. What? Backward roll entry? 'Instructor,you sure I can do it? The worst thing is I got seasick,ahh! I vomited 6 times after my first open dive. But those days are now gone,forever.

Surprisingly,I am now in awe with the ocean and incredible marine animals .I have a little wish to dive around the world and the beaches that I am going. Wish can do this often to lighten my day.

Try my fins for my first dive with Quiver Dive Team

Beautiful Perhentian Island,make me so tempted to wear bikini for the first time (:


Noob Aaron took my so oh no cleavage photo.bahaha.

Jungle trekking from Carol Bay to Long Beach,smile of satisfaction (:

Mares Diving suit,so niceeee, love it. But I somehow prefer to wear long suit,so I can cover up myself properly. I am afraid if I accidentally touch the sea cucumber,but luckily there is not much sea cucumber in Perhentian Island compare to Lumut.

Diving with Sebastian(Steffen Sea Sports) at Sugar Wreck was great. My friends said I got to dive at wreck for my first diving trip was very lucky tho. We penetrated the wreck and looked for engine room,cabin and wheelhouse. I saw Barracudas too. Very very nice!

Haha,cheeky us showing the sign we are fucking okay!

Spyro-my divemaster at Windmill and Temple.

Incredible marine animals at Temple,undoubtedly Temple is one of the top notch divesite in perhentian Island.
I was initially choose for not to dive at here,but my friends asked me to give go . Fortunately, I went.

Ahhhhhhh,a huge group of fishes surrounded us.

Nemo nemo nemo,so adorable.

No kidding,this pufferfish is damn big ahhhhhh! I was far far far away,scary duh. haha.
But I believe if you respect them,they will respect you too.

My epic fringe. haha

Yeah,happy sign to have my first underwater photos.
Full fill my wish list

I am so fragile recently,yes the independent girl needs someone to hold tightly. I am not too used of being the one who needs help constantly cause I always think I can do it no matter how tough things gonna be, it kind of make me feel extremely vulnerable now. I am mature enough in dealing things,despite my maturity,sometimes I still fall. But thanks God,I get over things fast. (: