Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cut it all off.....

I finally have the guts to cut my hair after 8 years of having long hair,I cut it just to.......
I cut my hair yesterday,
my long, flowing locks
so dear to you –
the locks that sprawled
over your chest evenings,
when I rested my head on you…

I cut my hair yesterday
just to forget you.
I saw how the locks got sheared off,
and how they fell.
A broom swept them up
along with other trash,
and cast away…

Today I woke up
without those locks,
with my neck bare,
a strange sight
Without you, without my hair,
I am searching for happiness in life without you. 
By Albana.M.

I am beautiful and I don't need you to say that to me.

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