Friday, November 2, 2012

Ireland 2012

So hey readers,4 months blogging hiatus and I am back on track today. Time change,things change,not going to deny that. Blog all the way from Ireland with lovely weather outside my window pane,not too cold,just 6 degree and wind chill at 2 degree,yet I am wearing 4 layers. Summer all year round in Malaysia and now being a Malaysian who just first time experiencing the wonders of autumn and winter weather is totally amazing.Brand new story to be told. I got knocked down by the sudden drop of temperature when I reached Dublin Airport. The air getting colder when I was sitting alone waiting for my flight at Dubai Airport to Dublin. But try to convince myself this coldness likely to get worse when I reach Dublin. At the same time,I couldn't get my eyes off of Etihad Airways' boarding gate which I will on board later on. Well,you have to understand that this is my very first transit flight to somewhere 5000 miles away from home and travel solo ain't easy things. Even entering the toilet I have to carry along 7kg hand luggage and heavy handbag.

My plane touched down at Dublin safe and sound in the early morning,took my luggage after passing custom section smoothly,nothing much the custom asked me really,perhaps I have bought my ticket back to Malaysia and I am still a student. I walked out cheerfully from the airport,almost shed tears when  I saw my auntie waving at me at the arrival hall. I mean,I am officially reached Ireland earthlings! Called mummy and told her that it's freezing cold and mist kept coming out from my mouth,can't stop blowing in and out. haha. 

So this is my 15 days in Ireland ,still enjoying fantastic panorama of Europe,meeting warm and lovely people at park,experiencing crazy cold wind from Greenland,first time seeing hailstones fall from the sky,swimming at pool with 31 degree and went into sauna after swimming,generous and sweet aunties and uncles who treat me like a baby during my stay at their home... Yes I know, I will definitely miss everything here and being part of Irish once I am back to Malaysia.

Excitedly looking forward to next week! I am travelling to Europe soon with my boob friend :P Again, I am lucky enough,so happen that he is currently in Scotland and he is going to tour me around europe! Can't wait to say cheese to Eifeel Tower,Edinburgh Castle,London Bridge and The city of Love(Venice)!!! I am truly blessed,thank you so much mummy and daddy for giving me this golden chance to see the true beauty of the world. Even perfect words will never be enough to thank you.

Utill then,pictures tell the story ya...

Boarding with Etihad Airways
 Food served(banyak sangat duh,they even serve white and red wine for free!cool),came along with morocco beef rice,stewardess took it once I finished .
 Happy,just too happy that I reached Ireland safely.
 My auntie's mansion

 Yes,this is what I do here in ireland,hahahaha...

 and...after 2 weeks,i went blonde..
 Dalkey Island

 wish I could stay here forever...

 Upper Lake,Glendalough

 Joe with his 7 dogs...
 Happy kid at the top of Bray Head

 Auntieessss and Joe 
 Forty foot,water temperature 10c to 12c,cold die me.

 Marley Park

 Photoshoot after I went blonde :D 
My auntie dyed my hair,she rocks to the max!


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